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September 30,2009

Hey! I moved everything I made from nebtown to here! Isnt that nice?

September 31, 2009  - 2:29PM  (EST)

God damnit. I went to my locker.. and I find a sign that says KAT HAS A HAT. I'll take a picture when I get to school tommorow.

Scary. Anyways. Im making a Spacestation 13 book! Huzzah! Only 16$.. Only the game is free... and... I get 20% marks in english if I do it. w00t. Nebtown is going on area51 now. What about that NPC killing place? Oh. That could be a problem. I also made sure that shadoh and fract can't do anything here. They can troll me on nebtown. But they can't here. Isnt that just fantastic? Oh. I think I will like blogging. Well! Off to nebtown!

October 2, 2009 - 6:08 PM (EST)

Two new games for under ten$! Woo. Dark messiah of MIGHT AND MAGICZ and LEGEND OF SPYRO... First one I like. Second one is annoying as hell.  Well. I also learned I have 700 GB's left on my computer... Holy shit. Im too god damn lazy to write the guide for SS13. But I do it anyways. You guys should download battlegrounds2. Its fun! Tats all. Off to Dark Messiah!