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Nebtown RPG

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Nebtown RPG





"If Bishop makes another stupid comment about this, I swear im going to make a website... With a blog. Or something... Pancakes anyone?"

- GawsherMcGee talking to NatronBlood

Wait what? How this even POSSIBLE? Well... I found this neat program that lets you create your own RPGS, and I deicded instead of making a book ill make a RPG! Yay! I will be posting all my progress here n stuffs. Please. No editing.

Nebtown RPGee


This rpg will be using sphere. It will be based on the book (Of so you guys never got to read. D:) and it will be 2D turn based - RPG fighting. I think it will be pretty cool, I was SORTA thinking of a MMO. But thats too original... (Have a DS or gameboy? Go to your local store and buy GAMESHARK, it will allow you to store this game on your DS and you can play it anywhere you go, (Gameboy will need to have the gameshark attached at all times to play this game))



CURRENT STATUS : Just starting. Don't complain that I have no info.



GawsherMcGee - Head designer, Story Writer, Map designer.                        - See how awesome I am?

Fractal - Reviewer                                                                                       - Cool! Our first crewman guy... Yay!

Krisrangler - Moziik Maker                                                                           - I did NOT suspect this.

Katringa - rawr - Pixel Artist                                                                         - Kats cool enough to do this. WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS?




Current Job positions needed :


Scripter. Guys who like to E2. Its the exact same. Need about 3.


Pixel Artist. You do art n stuff. Need alot of these guys/girls. (Yes kat.)  Need alot, no exact number.


Editor. Makes sure everything is working properly, checks for bugs n stuff. Only need like. 2.


Map Designer. Hm. I wonder what he does. Need only 1 person.


Reviewer. A preferably a admin. Will make sure the story, Moral and stuff is tip top shape! (Moral meaning he incourages people to keep going and help.. Like a guidance counclier.



Music Creator. Hardest job of all. If somebody  DOES know how to create 16 bit music I will love them foravar and evar.




JOB APPz  (Put in comments please!)

Job:    The job. What did you think it was.

Email : How else am I going to contact you.

Why you think:  Why should you be able to help.

Proof: TOTALLY optional. It just increases the chance you will be head of the job.

I will send you info and files via email! *Talking on steam.^-^

(GMT east time.)


Sept 07. 11:19 I started this page. Cool.

Sept 07. 5:20 : Hey! Two guys already! Sweet!.. Now if only neb would come online. But check it out. The first test map. (Yes I did draw those tiles myself.)

IN NEED OF PIXEL ARTIST'S BADLY! I may not actually need scripters, susprise.


Sept 12 - 12:41 : Working hard. Isnt it great? :D.... Where the hell are those pixel artists.

Sept 13 - 11:14 :  Mm. Pixel artists AND story writers..  Uh. Need some halp here. D:



Be serious about this. If you don't like it don't bother commenting in the comments.






 (Pss. Neb. Draw that troll on a 50x50 with 16 bit color. Ill add it. :D)


Too many colors. :(


How about this one???!


Aaaand, here he is in glorious 16 colours! ... suprisingly not too bad actually.


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